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How do I sign up?

We provide lots of methods for signing up - choose whichever is convenient for you. You can sign up with your Email, Google account, Facebook account, or Apple ID. Allow us to guide you through this process from start to finish. You can find links for download and access below:

To begin, download ForestVPN from the App Store or Google Play, or go to our Dashboard.

You will be greeted with a sign-up page with multiple options - choose whichever one you like; your method of authentication will not have any impact on your further experience.

Signing up with email

If you wish to sign up with your email, enter it in the "Enter email" field and then select "Continue with email". After that, your next step will be to create a password. Once that is done, click "Register" and you will be logged into your new account. Congratulations!

Signing up with a Facebook/Google/Apple account

If you've chosen to sign up with a Facebook/Google/Apple account, tap on the preferred option and follow the on-screen instructions. You will simply have to enter your Facebook/Google/Apple account information or Apple touch ID. You will then be finished and directed to our home screen. Hoo-ray!