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The statistics feature in ForestVPN provides useful information about your VPN usage and performance. With this feature, you can view detailed statistics about your connection history, bandwidth usage, and more.

Statistics can be found in our app and on our Dashboard.

There are two places in our app where you can find statistics - under the player button on the main screen and on the Mode page.

Main screen

On the main screen, you can find information about your traffic. This includes the amount of data you have transferred over the last seven days of VPN use, which will be measured in gigabytes. This information can be helpful in tracking your data usage and identifying any unusual spikes or drops in traffic.


At the bottom of the Mode screen, you will see a graph that visualizes your data consumption over time. The graph is divided into four time spans: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 1 day. By default, the graph shows data usage for the last 30 minutes, but you can switch to another time span by tapping on the corresponding button.